We are two Norwegian women, Anette and Charlotte who really love and appreciate Scandinavian design and colors. We want to share our passion and stay connected with our country of origin – Norway and Denmark. Go Living’s mission is to introduce and make available fun and funky quality house ware products from the best Scandinavia can offer. By starting Go Living we are now involved in “the life back home”. We believe it is important to value family, life and culture. As mothers/parents we want to help close the gap from California to Scandinavia by living and using our own products together with our children, family and friends.

We met almost ten years ago and have developed a very deep and respectful friendship. We have shared pure joy, birth of our children, seen our husbands get (some) grey hair and also helped each other in harder times – in short we have learned that we have a lot in common and enjoy and respect the same values. A few years ago we decided to take our common background, shared values and desire to create something that reflected who we are. As a result we created a company that involves children’s products and home décor. Anette has a background as Children book illustrator and artist and Charlotte is an entrepreneur and “people person”. Now that our children are a little more independent we decided to venture into our second career.

We are thrilled to be working with Rice; they are a company we can relate to. We love their fun, funky, colorful and playful line of products. Rice’s philosophy and care for others is a mirror of our own. We believe we have found the perfect partnership. It is of course important to mention that Rice is part of SA 8000 and we think that it should be important for all of our customers, not only here in the U.S. but world-wide to create a better life for those that also make the products – regardless of where they are.

We are scheduled to open our new showroom in San Carlos CA in March 2014. This is so you can come and visit, get to know us and experience firsthand what we are all about. We hope to see you at our new “home” and we thank you for taking the time to learn more about our company.

- Charlotte and Anette